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In the current climate of constantly evolving global markets, disruptive technologies, workforce shifts, to name but a few of the hundreds of complex forces driving business change today, Infinivate emerges to meet your specific challenges, by offering a range of Business Transformation Services that span a range of industries and capabilities.
All these Infinivate services have a singular focus –helping you achieve breakthrough value for your organization. From strategy to execution we align fundamental changes with your operating model to help achieve and sustain maximum value.

Infinivate is a Discerning Partner for your organization, which provides Business Transformation Services based on value-driven engagement models. Our integrated Business Transformation Services span strategy, planning and implementation services to deliver exceptional value for our clients.

Infinivate, is a deeply rooted and proudly South African business. We offer the following Business Transformation and Consulting Services:

  1. Strategic Planning (including Digital Strategy Definition)
  2. Cloud Readiness Assessments and Cloud Migration Planning and Execution
  3. Service Catalog Consulting
  4. ITSM Assessments
  5. Service Management Office definition
  6. IT Service Costing
  7. Service Level Management
  8. Process Design & Documentation
  9. CMDB Workshops
  10. Disaster Recovery  and Business Continuity Planning Workshops

By leveraging the above services from Infinivate (Pty) Ltd, the benefits to your organization may include:

  1. Improved Service Delivery
    Manage business risk and service disruption or failure.
  2. Development of Processes That Scale
    Create lightweight processes and eliminate waste to accelerate how teams work.
  3. Increased Visibility
    Get a clearer, more transparent view of IT costs and assets.
  4. Reduced Costs
    Find efficiencies and improve how activities flow within your organization to cut down on costs.

Our Vision

Infinivate’s vision is to be the hallmark of Business Transformation services in Southern Africa and globally, and to be the first to come to mind when Business Strategic Transformation services are required.

Our Values

  1. Excellence: We are passionate about our work, we strive for technical and operational excellence and value growing relationships with our customers.
  2. Integrity and Honesty: We strive to uphold ethical principles, keep our promises and ensure the security and integrity of customer information. We regard openness and honesty as the foundation of every relationship with customers, colleagues, partners and investors.
  3. Creativity and Innovation: We believe in challenging the status quo, encouraging feedback to ensure continuous improvement and pushing the innovation envelope. We continuously strive to add value to our customers’ businesses by providing creative and innovative services.
  4. Flexibility: We value being open to new perspectives and ideas, balancing our needs with professional excellence and being agile and responsive to change.
  5. Impact: We partner with our clients to change the way they do business, creating long-term value and improving our society.
  6. Customer Focus: We endeavour to treat clients with respect and professionalism at all times. We actively listen to the client’s needs and respond swiftly to ensure their needs are met.
  7. Simplicity: We pride ourselves in providing not only accurate data but also data that is easy-to-use and simple to understand. We strive to ensure everything we do is “simply better”

Our consultants work with you throughout the transformation process. The majority of Infinivate consultant brings over 20 years of international business experience in multiple industries, helping apply the appropriate elements of our methodology to your business situation. It is this combination of our structured approach and small teams of experienced consultants that efficiently helps to improve performance in your organization.

Our work is always outcome-focused, ensuring that the resulting changes in your organization create lasting business value in line with your business strategy. We continuously refine and update our inter-related methods, tools, guides and templates through research and learning from our clients’ successes.

How we work


You have a critically important Business Transformation project or programme to deliver, which involves new technologies, significant business operational change, and complex stakeholder relationships? The potential business benefits of well-executed Business Transformational change are high, but organizations are typically not confident these will be delivered or sustained.

How Infinivate can help

We will embed highly experienced Business Transformation consultants in your team. We will assemble our methods, tools and techniques to optimally match your unique situation, structuring your Business Transformation programme and providing a clear pathway from initial Business Engagement to full Value Realization.

We will engage carefully with your stakeholders wherever they are located, recognizing their different positions, needs, working styles and culture.

We will provide actionable deliverables that underpin your Business Transformation programme, and work with you to deploy new ways of working that leverage technology to produce lasting performance improvements.

The outcome

Your organization will have adopted new ways of working that provide the targeted business benefits. In addition, you will have demonstrated a successful and repeatable approach to delivering Business Transformation programmes in your organization

Our Top-Rated Services
You’re busy running your business. We understand! That’s why we have a wide range of helpful services to take the load off your shoulders.

Our Top-Rated Services

You’re busy running your business. We understand! That’s why we have a wide range of helpful services to take the load off your shoulders.

Information Technology Strategic Assessments

Large Systems Implementation

Journey to the Cloud Roadmapping

ICT Implementation and Support

Key Program and Project Management

Managed ICT Services